Start your business online gaming today! Mobile games for your players!
Please note that due to data protection we hide some of the data player!

TEMPLATE; izberete vašo temo igralnice.

LOGO; Select your logo or enter text logo.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS; Paste your Google Analytics script for checking visits of your players.

SOCIAL NETWORKING; Create a new group on social networks with one click.

YOUR BETTING ACCOUNT; Activate your betting account and bet as owner and not as a player. If you won , your profit is credited as profits your sportsbook!

PUBLISH; Your sportsbook has been successfully activated.

Balance; This is profit balance and you can possible any time to withdrawal.

USERS; Management of your players.

Administer user -> General; Detailed personal information of the player.

Administer user -> User risk profile; User risk profile.

Administer user -> My Sports account; Transactions a player with the details.

Administer user -> Bonuses; Management of bonuses.

Administer user -> History Bonuses; Check the paid/unpaid bonuses of the player.

Administer user -> Accounts; Current balance of the player.

Administer user -> Transactions; Transactions of the player.

Administer user -> Logins; Login/Logout/Login failed player with the IP.

Administer user -> Set betting slip limit; Your player can set maximum payment to bet or win.

Administer user -> Set deposit limit; Your player can set daily/weekly/monthly /yearly payment for your sportsbook.

Administer user -> Audit; Your player can follow whatever are doing on player account.

Administer user -> Notes; Your player you can enter any note.

Transactions -> Transaction monitor; Keep track of transactions of your players.

Transactions -> Settled bets; Keep track of won/lost combination of your players.

Transactions -> Pending bets; Keep track betting in a waiting.

Create new bonus; Create a bonus for your new or existing players.

Bonuses-> Current bonuses; Check the current bonuses.

Bonuses-> Bonus history; Check history of bonuses.

Bonuses-> Limit betting; You can set your players min./max. limit on the bet or win. You can also specify the number of events per betting slip.

Banking; Make a deposit or withdrawal profit from your sportsbook.

Roles; Your business grow from month to month. Maybe will be required a next month a new employee(s).
In this section, specify a username and password of your subordinate, who will be responsible for a certain section (see right).

Marketing ->Export mailing list; From day to day you will receive a growing number of players.
Details of your players will be exported to a file for further sending your current offers.